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Porter Escapes Travel Tips Checklist

Porter Escapes wants to make sure that you have the best possible vacation experience? To help put your mind at ease, we have provided a checklist of travel tips to keep in mind prior, during and after your travel.

Prior to Arrival at the Airport

Have you printed or saved your itinerary and documentation for your travel checkpoints?
Do you have valid ID for all passengers?
Visit www.porterescapes.com/Travel-Tools/ID-Requirements for full details regarding valid ID
Do you require travel insurance?
Do you have any special service request that we should know about?
Contact us at 1-855-372-1100 to add any special service requirements to your reservation
Are you aware of all Porter Escapes terms and conditions ?
Have you checked-in prior to arrival at the airport?
Have you provided your VIPorter number to earn points on your flight?
Not a member yet? Sign up at www.flyporter.com/viporter


Are you aware of restricted items in your carry-on and checked baggage?
Have you packed all valuables in your carry-on (including necessary prescribed medication)?
Have you measured and weighed your baggage to ensure it is within the restrictions?
Have you marked all your baggage with proper identification to ensure you can differentiate your luggage from other passengers?
Are all gifts unwrapped?
Bringing a pet? Ensure that the airline and hotel are advised prior to your day of departure.

Day of Departure

Have you checked your flight status at www.porterescapes.com/Travel-Tools/Flight-Status ?
Have you left sufficient time to reach the airport for your flight?
Is your photo ID and boarding pass in a safe and accessible place?

During Your Stay

Relax and Enjoy

Once You're Home

Give us your feedback!

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at info@porterescapes.com or 1-855-372-1100.

For assistance, please call 1-855-372-1100
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