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Privacy Policy Statement


Porter Escapes Inc. (“Porter Escapes” or “we” or “us”) is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers (“You”). This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes Porter’s personal information privacy policies and practices with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of Your personal information. Our obligations and Your rights are subject to applicable legislation, including the terms of the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).


Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual, such as Your name, email address, mailing addresses, financial information, travel document details, citizenship, gender, date of birth, information collected electronically through Porter Escapes’ web site at www.porterescapes.com (“Web Site”) and any other information that identifies who You are. Personal information about You may be collected by Porter Escapes directly or provided to Porter Escapes by third parties, such as travel agents or a credit card company.


Porter Escapes limits the collection and use of Your information to the minimum we require to deliver requested information, products or services to You. We will keep Your information only for as long as it is reasonably needed to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. We may also collect personal information about You from our service providers.

By purchasing travel products and/or related goods and services from Porter Escapes, you consent to the disclosure of Your personal information by Porter Escapes to those of its suppliers providing such products, goods and services as have been purchased. You further acknowledge and agree that the use by Porter Escapes’ suppliers of Your personal information may be subject to such suppliers’ privacy policies, that you are responsible for reviewing such privacy policies, and You consent to Porter Escapes disclosing Your personal information to such suppliers to the extent necessary to enable the delivery of the products, goods and services purchased.

If You would like to make a reservation or purchase (directly with Porter Escapes by telephone, online through the Web Site or through a travel agency or other third party), sign up to a mailing list or program, enter a contest, apply for a job, or request some other information or service that may be offered by Porter Escapes from time to time, You will be required to provide certain personal information as is described in this Policy. Requested information may include Your name, address, telephone number, gender, email address, credit card number and expiry date. Requested information is required in order to identify You, in order to contact You, if necessary, and to complete Your purchase or request.

If You request a special service, we need to collect additional personal information in order to facilitate Your request:

Travel Documents

In order to access airport facilities and permit You to board Porter Airlines aircraft You will be required to provide Porter Airlines or other third parties with personal identification documents, (including as may be required by applicable law and airline and airport security requirements) including specified picture identification. Such information is collected for security, legal and identification purposes and is generally returned to You immediately and not retained by Porter Airlines.


Where you are travelling with an infant under two (2) years of age, Porter Escapes we need to record Your infant’s date of birth at the time of booking in order to confirm the eligibility of Your infant and ensure that Your infant’s booking is correctly processed. At the airport, for verification, You will be required to present identification verifying Your infant’s date of birth. If Your travel includes a transfer from Porter Airlines to another airline Your infant’s date of birth may also be transferred to that other airline.

Special Services and Assistance

Should any passenger require special assistance, in order to facilitate requirements as well as to assure the safety of our passengers and crew, Porter Escapes will need to collect and record additional information when You make your vacation package arrangements (including relevant information such as to whether a wheelchair or oxygen is required or otherwise concerning Your medical condition, and emergency contact information). Such information will be forwarded to Porter Airlines for delivery to its applicable airport staff, flight crew, interlining or connecting airlines and, where Porter Airlines has outsourced certain operational functions (such as ground handling) to another airline or service provider, to such other airline or service provider.

Assisting You and Information of Interest

Porter Escapes is committed to complying with CASL and other privacy laws governing the protection of Your personal information, including your email address. By booking a vacation package through the Web Site, You are deemed to provide your consent to receive special offers, promotions and other commercial electronic messages from Porter Escapes (“Promotional Messages”). You may also subscribe to such Promotional Messages from Porter Escapes by expressly indicating your desire to receive such information (e.g. by actively clicking a ‘checkbox’ on the Web Site to receive Promotional Messages). If you have consented in one of the manners described above, Porter Escapes will provide You from time to time with information, promotions and offers Porter Escapes believes will be of interest to You. You may at any time unsubscribe from such communications by using the “unsubscribe” mechanism included at the bottom of each message. Porter Escapes will process unsubscribe requests promptly, and in any event within ten (10) business days of our receipt of the request. Because Porter Escapes is committed to respecting Your withdrawal of consent, any booking of travel following the processing of Your unsubscribe request will not result in a renewal of your implied consent to receive Promotional Messages.

In addition to the foregoing, Porter Escapes may use Your email address provided at the time of booking travel to send you non-commercial messages, such as itineraries, delay notifications and other operational messages, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Applications For Employment

Porter may from time to time post employment opportunities on the Web Site or otherwise advertise such opportunities. If You would like to apply for such employment opportunities, Porter will ask for and collect Your name, address, email address, telephone number, employment history, education and other information that is relevant and related to Your application and the employment opportunity. Porter will use the information submitted to assess Your application and contact You. Porter may contact applicable third parties to verify any information submitted by You.


Porter Escapes may collect aggregated, anonymous information (such as demographic and profile data, usage and selection data and similar information and data) in connection with Your use of the Web Site and the purchase of Porter Escapes services, including those of its suppliers, and share that information with other third parties such as Porter Escapes’ service providers (including Porter Airlines),, agents and advertisers, however, any such aggregated information will not contain personally identifiable information except as expressly provided otherwise in this Privacy Policy.


When You provide Porter Escapes with Your personal information to purchase travel or to request information or other services, You are providing Porter Escapes your implied consent to collect and use Your information to fulfill the requested service or information.
If travel reservations are made through or by third parties, such as employers, travel agents or others, Porter Escapes considers them to be authorized by You to disclose personal information about You to Porter Escapes. Such collection, use and disclosure by such other persons will be subject to the privacy policies of such other persons. Porter Escapes may be further contacted or contact such other persons to the extent necessary to process and confirm booking changes and otherwise facilitate Your travel arrangements and the provision of other information and services.

Alternatively, You may from time to time, provide Porter Escapes with Your express consent to use certain information that is collected at the relevant time for the purposes that are specified at that time (e.g. to participate in surveys or promotional opportunities).


In order to protect the security and confidentiality of any personally identifiable information supplied by Porter Escapes or retained by Porter Escapes (such as booking references related to Your travel with Porter Escapes (including its suppliers) or Web Site passwords) You are responsible to ensure all such information is kept confidential by You


Except as is described in this Policy, Porter Escapes will not use and will not disclose or provide Your personal information to any person.

In some situations, Porter Escapes may use or share facilities, or engage the services of other agencies or airlines to best serve You. For example, particular airport staff may be provided with passenger lists and destinations to ensure proper routing of luggage. Porter Escapes will only release information necessary for performing the required service or provision of requested information. Also, Porter Escapes’ third party service providers may have access to personal information You submit to Porter Escapes in order to perform operational or other support services on behalf of Porter Escapes (e.g. back office computer services), or to facilitate the delivery of travel goods and services you may purchase through Porter Escapes.

Porter Escapes may disclose Your information to the extent required by law or where Porter Escapes reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to comply with law. Also, due to security requirements in Canada and other countries, Porter Escapes and/or its suppliers may be required by law to collect, use and disclose to law enforcement and government regulatory and other government authorities passenger information, which may include certain of Your personal information that has been collected by Porter Escapes (in some cases such collection, use and disclosure may be made without Your knowledge or consent). In these circumstances, it is not possible for You to opt-out. Information that may be collected or shared may be more extensive than the information used to book or confirm Your travel.

Porter Escapes reserves the right to transfer any information submitted by You and retained by Porter Escapes to Porter Escapes affiliates to the extent necessary to perform requested services and provide requested information and to any third party purchasers of, or successors to, Porter Escapes’ business.


Porter Escapes will use reasonable efforts to protect Your information that You provide to Porter Escapes once it has been received by Porter Escapes. Porter Escapes uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, an encryption technology used to encrypt information sent over the Internet. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet or system can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while Porter Escapes strives to protect Your personal information, Porter Escapes cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information You transmit to Porter Escapes, and You do so at Your own risk.


This Policy applies only to information collected by Porter Escapes or supplied by You to Porter Escapes. Although the Web Site may provide You with links to other web sites, this Policy does not apply to those web sites or to the other collection, use or disclosure of personal information by other persons.


Porter Escapes uses various technologies to passively collect information from You while You are visiting the Web Site (that is You do not actively provide this information to Porter Escapes). Such technologies allow the Web Site to collect a range of non-personally identifiable information about Your visit to and use of the Web Site. Porter Escapes typically uses such passively collected information for a variety of purposes, such as to administer the Web Site, customize the Web Site to your preferences, and compile aggregated statistics for marketing and research purposes. Porter Escapes reserves the unrestricted right to use this passively collected, non-personally identifiable information for any reason, including, but not limited to, selling, leasing, permitting access to, or otherwise transferring it to our affiliates, business partners, advertisers and other third parties.

Porter Escapes uses “cookies”. A cookie is a small data file that web sites often store on Your computer's hard drive when You visit their web site. The Web Site uses both “session cookies” and “permanent or persistent cookies”.

When You connect to the Web Site a session cookie is placed on Your computer and is removed when You log off the Web Site. These cookies help us track Your use of the Web Site each time You visit (e.g. traffic patterns concerning the sections of the Web Site that You visit and use) and help Porter Escapes to understand how we can improve Your Web Site experience. The information is collected on an anonymous and aggregate basis (i.e. it does not provide Porter Escapes any of Your personal information).

When You visit the Web Site, a persistent cookie will also be placed on Your hard drive and will remain there unless You remove them through Your browser’s Internet security settings. Permanent cookies are used to store user preferences, such as storing passwords and preferred language settings, and thus eliminate Your having to make the same entries on each visit and allows us to recognize You when You return to the Web Site and customizes Your user experience.

You can refuse cookies by turning them off in Your browser. If You turn off cookies, however, it will prevent You from using certain features of the Web Site. If You are worried about the information Porter Escapes places in the cookie, You may delete permanent cookie file(s) at the end of each browser session. Your browser's help file will have instructions on how to do that.

Similarly, Porter Escapes uses conversion beacons that allow Porter Escapes to keep track of email flow between You and Porter Escapes. Conversion Beacons are short pieces of HTML computer code inserted in the source code of some website pages. These pieces of code may be inserted in an email message to You, and will result in a small type of cookie that will be stored in Your browser. It is then used to connect You as an email recipient with your later activity on Porter Escapes’ website.


If You wish to be taken off of Porter Escapes’ email list You may opt by following the steps included in every email we send, or by contacting Porter Escapes directly at the number below.


If You have any questions or concerns about this Policy or Porter Escapes’ collection, use and disclosure of Your personal information, or to update Your information or to withdraw any consents that You have provided in the past (subject to reasonable notice, any legal requirements and similar exceptions) You may contact Porter Escapes at any time as follows:

Greg Sheahan
Porter Escapes Inc.
Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5V 1A1

Tel: (416) 203-8100
Fax: (416) 203-8150


Porter Escapes reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time by posting an amended Policy on the Web Site. It is Your responsibility to review this Policy regularly and You are deemed to be aware of such amendments. If significant material changes are made to the Policy, Porter Escapes will use reasonable efforts to notify You of such changes on the Web Site and by such other means as Porter Escapes determines is appropriate in the circumstances.


For assistance, please call 1-855-372-1100
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